We are offering our services to you with highly trained staff with you the best kitchen management system we know. Our intention is to help you implement Resort Software in to your business to gain maximum advantage and at the same time keep it as simple as possible.

Leading the European Team is Max U.N. Mueller. Born and educated in Switzerland. At the age of sixteen he started an apprenticeship in a small hotel. He then spent the next eleven years building his career as a chef. Highlights include.

3 Years in St Moritz - 2 Seasons in the Palace Hotel

At the age of 23, occupied his first Sous-Chef position in a four star hotel " Duc Berthold" in the French part of Switzerland. Senior Sous-Chef at World EXPO 88 in Australia serving 5000 - 9000 meals daily.

Head Chef in a Swiss Mountain Resort with 5 Outlets and a seating capacity of 1600 people. 

9 Years of setting up, training, implementing and improving food gross profits for hundreds of satisfied customers with Chef Master 3 / Resort Software.

Hospitality Control Systems have the exclusive rights to sell and train in the use of Resort Software products throughout Europe.

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