Why is it  your company can make such a difference?
Through our kitchen management training course we merge monetary values with culinary knowledge.

What return can I expect on my capital investment?
Over the last nine years we have never exceeded six months to return a clients capital investment.

What is Resort Software?
Resort Software is the best computer program we know which is designed by chefs and computer programmers for chefs and caterers to let you prepare accurate and detailed food costings.

What does Resort Software actually do?
Imagine at the touch of a button having total control of stocktaking and stock valuation. Save hours of tedious paperwork. Each time you update the price of an ingredient it updates your entire database. Take minutes rather than hours to prepare food costings time and time again giving you the flexibility in how you arrive/set you costs, food cost percentages or selling prices.
It does it all.

Who is it designed for?
It is designed for Chefs, Managers/Owners, Catering Managers, Banqueting Managers, Food Processing Managers, Beverage and Banqueting Personnel.  Indeed, anyone who is concerned with the cost of producing food.

Who else is using Resort Software?
We have over 300 customers, ranging from a hundred thousand to multi million pound businesses. Please contact us if you wish to speak to some of our existing clients.

Do I need to be a computer wizard?
No!  After you have had the benefits of our training you will find that using the Resort Software is like any tool in the kitchen. Remember this was designed especially for Chefs and Caterers.

Does the Chef become an ?office chef??
No! After the initial setup of the database the Chef probably spends less time in his office.

What?s the bottom line?
Call us for a your free quotation and we will show you how to save money!

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